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Payroll compliance

Getting the right entitlements to the right place at the right time

Payroll compliance
The problem

Paying and reporting the right worker entitlements (salary, superannuation, tax) is a complex task and its never been more important. On one hand, we have seen numerous high profile cases of large historical errors recently and on the other, increased real time regulatory reporting requirements. How do Payroll providers and Employers get the compliance right whilst driving increased efficiency in their businesses and a better experience for their workers?

The solution

Comply Path's Bond has saved Australian businesses thousands of hours in processing superannuation and reporting pay to the ATO. Our Clearing House and Single Touch Payroll solutions are cloud based and have won numerous industry awards through our channel partners and continue to drive new value for Payrolls, Employers and Super Funds.

Bond Clearing House has numerous integrations with leading payroll platforms so employers don't have to leave their existing systems to fulfil superannuation obligations. Our clearing house is one of the most Superstream compliant solutions on the market and has processed billions of payments for tens of thousands of employers.

Bond's STP solution is extremely flexible and deployable as an integrated or stand-alone portal instance. Our interface can also be white labelled to ensure the best experience for employers.

Your potential

Payment and reporting compliance is just the beginning. Leverage artificial intelligence to ensure that a business never has to worry about underpaying workers and instead, provide a better connected experience that reduces cost and improves worker engagement.

We see tremendous potential for a more connected and value creating worker experience stemming from payroll. Create opportunities for workers to access a range of wealth, health and lifestyle services through a connected ecosystem of employers, payrolls, super funds and service providers whilst being in control of their own secure data.

How can Bond connect your business to create new value?