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Worker onboarding

Delight your employees with a digital first onboarding experience while ensuring your business is compliant

Worker onboarding
The problem

Bringing new talent into your organisation is exciting however the onboarding process is often cumbersome. For an employer who has invested time in creating an exceptional brand, policies and people initiatives, the experience on the way in can result in a poor first impression. Organisations often have to 'hack' together a solution as most HR systems don't deal with Australian compliance well.

In addition, contingent workers are often forgotten and become virtually invisible. This presents a major risk as organisations sometimes struggle to keep abreast of the growing body of workforce regulation which can put your organisation at financial and reputational risk. This cohort is fast becoming a major talent pool that organisations will need to battle for in the future

The solution
Bond streamlines the onboarding process by removing the complexity of identity, rights to work, tax and superannuation compliance in real time. With flexible workflow that anyone can use, you can create a tailored experience for all your workers that is digital and secure. For contingent workers, critical data such as contract start / end dates, certifications, licenses and rates can all be stored and verified in a single place. This master data of compliance can be integrated with your existing HR and AP systems. Bond can provide you a single view of your entire workforce, highlighting compliance hot spots to ensure risk can be seen and resolved quickly.
Your potential
With the admin and compliance side taken care of, delight your workers through a seamless, digital onboarding experience. Allow your workers to leverage their own data to access services and benefits that further engage them and drive advocacy. For contingent works in particular, the ease of onboarding and off-boarding will be a major differentiator as they choose who they should spend more time working for in the future.

Benefits of Bond’s workforce onboarding solution

With our workforce onboarding tool, connect to external authoritative registers to aid verification and “smart” error management during the onboarding process. These include:

  • Identity and visa rights to work register
  • Tax file number register
  • APRA fund register
  • Self managed super fund register
  • Lost super register

How can Bond connect your business to create new value?