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Business compliance

‘Compliance in a box’ for small-medium businesses covering registration, tax, superannuation, onboarding and much more

Business compliance
The problem

Running a small business involves managing cumbersome and complex compliance requirements processes.

Amongst these requirements, business owners and employees must undertake business reporting to regulators, tax and employment obligations. Getting it wrong has consequences including potential penalties, reputational risk and distraction from core business.

The solution

Bond makes managing small & medium business compliance simple. Transform your business tax and employee compliance digitally end-to-end. Bond’s business compliance in a box solution is flexible as a standalone solution or integrates into your Business Management Software (Payroll, HR, ERP).

Your potential

Using this foundation, build your own compliance-based service to take to your customers, or use the insights derived to innovate how you work or what you offer.

How can Bond connect your business to create new value?